About Atlas

Atlas Threads was born in November of 2017, by Mckray Poole and Christian Parrett. It was bred from a desire to create something that was unique, meaningful, and of the highest quality. Not just a clothing brand, but a universal vision for humanity. The desire to Conquer Your World.
"We believe in the power of a vision, and that all great things come through the relentless pursuit of that vision. We share that belief with the creators, changers, and hustlers all across the world. That belief is reflected in our obsessive detail to attention shown in our clothing, ensuring that all can conquer this world with the best gear and style available." -Christian Parrett
Why Atlas Threads, and what does it mean?
Ancient Greek mythology teaches of a being named Atlas. A great titan who had the responsibility of holding up the earth and sky on his shoulders. He is a symbol of immense power and strength that is capable of enduring the greatest burdens.
With that in mind, our Atlas design was created to symbolically represent the earth itself. Left unattended, the world will bear down on our shoulders and threaten to crush our very spirits. But if we rise up, and choose to conquer our world, we begin to mold it into our destiny.
Atlas Logo
The main peak, pointing upwards and onwards, represents success.
Success is bred of a few key elements. The three supporting pillars inside of success represent vision, determination, and passion.
Our vision is our goal, its what gives us purpose.
Our determination is what keeps us going. We always get back up, and we always show up.
Our passion gives us the love for what we do, and the desire to do it better than anyone else.
When we have all three of these, success is inevitable.
The horizon represents balance; our morals and ethics that keep our success balanced. A horizon is constant, its always there, just like our morals and ethics have to be. 
And finally, the encircling border, that unifies us all in one common goal, to conquer our world.
When each piece is brought together and applied equally, there is nothing we can’t achieve. So that's what we believe in. We were born from that determination. We hope you can share in our vision.